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 uniQ rules to stay.

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uniQ rules to stay. Empty
PostSubject: uniQ rules to stay.   uniQ rules to stay. EmptySun Feb 22, 2009 10:33 am

1. Don't be an idiot!
2. Behave like a mature person not like some small kid!
3. Always be honest! Tell the truth! The truth is always better than lie!
4. Respect other players! Be friendly to them!
5. Respect other clans and their rules when being on their terrain!
6. Respect your Clan, your Clan Members and your Clan Staff, their decisions and their hard work!
7. Play fair! Don't cheat! EVER!
8. Don't intentionally teamkill! NEVER! EVER! If you TK by accident apologise!
9. Don't be rude and don't use abusive language against anybody!
10. No racism or similar behaviour! Remember we are International Clan!
11. Do everything to keep your name and honor and the name and honor of your Clan intact!
12. NEVER EVER give your passwords to anybody! Remember you are responsible for anything that is done under your name!
13. Have fun from playing and being with friends!
14. who got acttept in our clan must complet our uniQ way if there is 3 mebmers the new acc name must be [4th]nick.uniQ , if there 4 members new acc must be [5th]nick.uniQ and so on..

Members who do not obey these Rules may be kicked or suspended from the Clan or punished in other way by Leaders.
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uniQ rules to stay.
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